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1. Competition Rules
2. The Botswana Games will be held in accordance with the international Softball Federation (ISF) 2006-09 Official Rule Book as well as the Botswana Games policies and procedures

3. Prior to the start of the softball competition, a pre-tournament (Technical) meeting will be held. The venue and times will be communicated to districts as soon after district registration deadline.

4. Worth K-Master ball (White/optic yellow) or any other recommended ball shall be used for the competition.

5. These Championships will be played by a maximum of 16 teams in each sex category.

6. All teams will play a round robin with eight (8) teams in each group as presented in the structure/Schedule of games. The top four teams from each group will advance to page system. (See figure attached)

7. A maximum of fifteen (15) players and three (3) officials will be registered. Only registered players and officials will be allowed in the dugout. Registration of officials and players will be done prior to the games.

8. All players must be uniformed alike and shirts must be numbered accordingly.

9. Batting helmets are mandatory while batting and running bases,

10. No team will be allowed to warm up on the field.

11. The game will be forfeited after 15 minutes from starting time if one team is not ready to play. A team will forfeit an inning for each 5 minutes of not ready to play. Teams must submit line-up cards to the umpires 30 minutes prior to the start of each game.

12. The run ahead rule will be applied as follows: Its ball game if a team is leading by:

12.1. 7 runs at the end or after the fifth inning.

12.2. 15 runs at the end or after the fourth inning.

12.3. 20 runs at the end or after the third inning.

13. All protest will be settled in the field of play. The tournament director will consult stakeholders in such a game and give a ruling. His decision will be final. No protests will be made on judgement calls.

14. A game interrupted because of weather conditions or darkness will continue from were it was suspended provided time allocated has not elapsed otherwise it will be called regulation. See 13, 14.

15. All games will be played for 1 hour 30 minutes unless if rule 10 is applied. A started inning must be completed.

16. A regulation games shall be minimum of 5 innings unless other regulation rules apply

17. In case of a tie and rule 11 do not give a result, a tie breaker will be played.

18. No inning will begin when there is 10 minutes or less left for the game to end and any inning started must be completed unless if the team batting bottom is leading.

19. Teams tied at the preliminary stage or round robin stage will be ranked by the results of the games among themselves; the winner will be placed ahead of the loser. If the tie still prevails runs forward will be used.

20. Choice of dugouts will be decided by a toss of a coin at the technical meeting for the preliminary games

21. Umpires of the games must attend the technical meeting

22. Players and officials on the dugout must wear sports wear in team colours.

23. Scorers must submit their score sheets to the chief scorers after each game.

24. There will be a chief scorer and chief umpire for this tournament.

25. If teams are delayed, there is no guarantee that they will go beyond the scheduled time. Any disruption of the schedule will be the discretion of the tournament director with UIC and it must be communicated to all teams and officials.

26. No player will be allowed to transfer from one participating District to another. That A player will be “Tournament tied”
27. The tournament director will be Competition Convenor

Rennie Molete

Sport Convener

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