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Athletics VI

Athletics for People with Disability (Visually Impaired)

The Disability Athletics competition at Botswana Games will be held in accordance with the rules of the International Paralympics Committee (IPC), International Blind Sports Federation (IBSF) and the IAAF rules in force at the time of the 2009 Botswana Games.

  1. Only athletes who meet the below mentioned classifications will be allowed to take part in the competition.

  2. Classification will be done by qualified medical personnel as determined by the Paralympics Association of Botswana (PASSOBO) and the Botswana Games Organising Committee.

  3. For all the classes and all track events, there shall be preliminary rounds and finals only if the numbers are sufficient.

  4. In an event where by extraordinary or accidental circumstances lead to a breach of the rules, it shall be the sole responsibility of the Botswana Games Technical Committee to decide for or against disqualification.

  5. Any queries / complaints / protests related to this competition may be channeled in a manner as dictated by the Botswana Games Organising Committee.

Athletes will be classified as per the IPC classes T11, T12, and T13 as defined below:

  • T11: No light perception in either eye up to light perception but inability to recognize the shape of a hand at any distance or in any direction.

  • T12: From ability to recognize the shape of a hand up to visual acuity of 2 / 60 and / or visual field of less than 5 degrees.

  • T13: From visual acuity of above 2 / 60 up to visual acuity of 6 /60 and / or visual filed of more than 5 degrees and less than 20 degrees.

    All classification in both eyes is done with best correction (i.e. All athletes who use contact or corrective lenses must wear them for classification, whether they intend to compete wearing them or not.)

  1. Escorts or guides will only be permitted for classes T11 and T12 to accompany competitors onto the competition area. Persons acting as guides or escorts must be clearly identified by wearing a distinctive colored vest provided by Botswana Games.

  2. The competitor and the guide in a competition are regarded as a team. As the athlete crosses the finish line, the guide must be behind her / him.

  3. The method of guidance is the choice of the athlete. He / She may choose to use an elbow lead, or tether or to run free. In addition, the runner may receive verbal instruction from the guide. The guide must not use a bicycle or other mechanical means of transport.

  4. Athletes are encouraged to provide their own guides. However, the organizers should provide an appropriate guide if the need has been

    indicated on the entry form in advance. The need must also give the specific details of the standard of guidance required.

    1. At no time may the guide pull the athlete, or propel the athlete forward by pushing.

    2. Whether or not a tether is being used, the athlete and guide shall not be more than 0.5 meters apart, except under exceptional circumstances.

    3. For races further than 400M, two (2) guides are allowed. Only one (1) exchange of guides is permitted for each athlete. The exchange must take place without hindrance to other athletes, and must take place only on the straight. The intention to change guides must be notified in advance to the referee and Technical Delegate. The technical officials of the Botswana Games will determine the conditions of the exchange and will communicate these in advance to the competitors.

    4. Class T11 and T12 athletes have the right to be allocated two (2) lanes (for themselves and a guide) in all races run in lanes, and in 800M races started in lanes. In such cases the start lanes are staggered such as in allocating lanes in the order of 1, 3, 5, 7 etc.

    5. Where relevant, acoustic signals may be used to guide the athlete. Botswana Games Technical Officer / Team Officials will be permitted to call times to athletes in races covering distances of 800M and above, and must do so from outside the track.

    6. Any other special arrangements required for the athlete to participate, must be communicated to the Botswana Games Organising Committee in advance on the entry form.

 Competition Rules
The competition for Athletes with Disabilities will be contested in men’s and women’s events by athletes with visual impairments. Each team needs to be present at the sports venue a minimum of one (1) 1 hour before the start of the competition.


100, 200, 400, 800, 1500 and 5000 meters


100, 200, 400, 800, 1500, and 5000 meters


Athletes who finish within the 1st three positions in their events will be awarded medals as follows:
1.1. First place – Gold
1.2. Second place – Silver
1.3. Third place – Bronze

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